Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

You are married. You don’t have a green card. If the person you are married to is abusing you, continue reading.

Fear no more.

You don’t need the help of your abuser to get your green card. A lawyer can help you get your green card. Thanks to VAWA.

What is VAWA?

  • VAWA stands for Violence Against Women Act. The United States government created VAWA to protect women from abuse. Men and children who have been subjected to abuse are also protected under this law.

How does VAWA protect you?

  • VAWA allows you to file the application for a green card by yourself. You don’t need help from the person who is abusing you to do this. Immigration will not contact the person who is abusing you at all. Your children will also get their green card based on your application.
  • If it is your child who is being abused by your spouse or partner, your child will be able to file the application for a green card by himself or herself. And in this case you will be able to get your green card based on your child’s application.

What is abuse?

  • Abuse can take different forms, such as:
    • physical abuse
    • economical abuse
    • emotional abuse
    • sexual abuse
    • psychological abuse

Instances of abuse include:

  • grabbing; kicking; punching; biting; pinching; slapping; hitting; shoving; being forced to have sex after physical beating or just being forced to have sex; not allowing you to have money; using money as power over you; calling you names; putting you down; insulting you; using silent treatment to punish you; isolating you from friends, family members, and school; not allowing you to work; using intimidation to control you; creating fear or attempting to create fear to control you …

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