Deportation Defense

Deportation defense can also be called crimmigration. And crimmigration stands for Criminal Immigration. Crimmigration is when a person who has a green card (is not a U.S. citizen) did something that landed him or her in court and there can be convictions and prison time involved. After that person serves time in prison, it is not over. Now that person may have to deal with ICE or Immigration.

This is very tricky because it is not easy to understand how a person who has already served time in prison is sent to prison again. Again, after the person serves time in state prison, Immigration will likely take over depending on the case.

To avoid headaches, once a person with a green card has to go to court, that person should consider talking to a criminal defense lawyer and at the same time consult with an immigration lawyer. The earlier that person takes this step, the better it is.

Immigration cases can be challenging. If you, a friend, or a family member is found in this situation, call Laroche Law Office, LLC at 617-553-2849 for assistance.

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